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Laleshka Salas Salazar (1995, Lima-Peru)

I use circus as medium for the body. Is a tool for questioning and proposing. I’m interested in the intersection of movement and objects for create Installations.

Part of my work involves challenging the hypocresy of the spectacle system by deconstructing the necessity of it. More precisely, the rules by which “performance” is composed and the conditions that artists must follow in order to make a living from their creations and studies. Behind this glance, my artwork is also myself. In spanish it would be a “Malcriada de profesion”.

Body Performance is my work. As part of my formation, I have worked under the direction of Micha Goldberg what gave me the intersection in between Performance Arts and Circus. My professional experience lays in the trust of the following Artists: Carole Drouillard, Doris Uhlich, Benjamin Loyauté, Marit Shirin-Carolasdotter, Caroline Strubbe, Rimini Protokoll, Les Nouveaux Disparues.