TADAA Magazine Collaboration

© Dominikus Moos

Collaboration with the german Circus Project, "TADAA Magazine". Where I wrote a thought about my relationship with my circus object. In this case is the rope.

Installation of Rirkrit Tiravanija

« The infinite dimensions of smallness »

Intervention where the performer crosses the installation for 1 hour doing acrobatic shiftings. This “happening” was proposed by the Museum team.

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Gent, Belgium. October 2021.

Life Performance

Transitional viewer

In this installation, the artist shows concret positions that represent how public space can be cold and rude for show a non present body in a social environment.

Her body is part of the installation and moves around her neighborhood until the arrival to school. Through her physical reaction she invites to question no present presences.

© Oriol Villanova


Circus show 2022-2023.

Hand to hand and Percha show of 30 minutes created with the circus artist Uili So.

This show was performed in HUT Festival 2022(DE), YPRES 2023(BE), THEATER AAN TWATER 2023(BE), DOCA DEVIZE Festival 2023(UK), C’EST LA VIE FESTIVAL 2023(NL), LA STRADA-Augsburg 2023(DE), FURNIVAL 2023(BE), SNEEK Festival 2023(NL), STAABLUEME Festival 2023(CH), BEVEREN GROTE MARKT 2023(BE).