All Those People Watching

This rope position represents a building or a space that can be habitable. This space offers tree surfaces and in each of them the options of transition, depends of the ground. With this rope installation and highway sound effects, I wanted to recreate a house under, a sort of shelter that is common to find in big cities. For recreating this space I also got interested in hostile architecture, but this part still in work in progress.

Captions of the public work in progress. The representation lenght was 20 minutes.

As this project stil in a research face, for more information about the format of representation you can contact me by mail:

Creation Calendar
  • Up- Circus and Performing Arts/ Bruxxelles (11.04.22 - 15.04.22)
  • Up- Circus and Performing Arts/ Bruxelles ( 23.05.22 - 10.06.22)
Work in progress representations
  • 10.06.22: Up- Circus and Performing Arts/ Bruxxelles